SK PrimeBar — The next generation of carbon kite bars

We’ve been developing high-performance custom carbon kite bars since 2016. Our goal has always been to continuously improve the quality and design of our products and provide our customers with the most innovative kite bar on the market. The outstanding success of our best-selling Unique Bar has proven us right. We now go one step further in this continuous improvement with a new bar: the Prime Bar.
It is a superlative bar, engineered using the top end technologies in the composites industry.


When designing the Prime Bar, we teamed up with a passionate and seasoned Europe-based custom carbon cycle frame builder. 

First, we elaborated on the appropriate construction technique for the desired functionalities. We ended up with a molding technique using Aluminum molds. To manufacture an incredible sturdy but light bar we only used the finest pre-preg carbon fiber cloth commonly used in the cycling industry.

In a next step, we completely redesigned the shape of the Prime Bar. To make sure that the new shape is a game changer, we took into consideration all the feedback collected and the feedback returned by our riders over the last years. 

Not only did we spend more than six months evaluating inputs and building up know-how, we’ve also stopped counting 3D printed prototypes to test all kind of shapes.

Our main focus designing the bar was on the following three elements:

A) Center Hole

The steering behavior is heavily influenced by the shape of the hole through which the depower line flows to the rider.

Nowadays most kite racers use short lines, therefore the steering angle of a bar is incredibly important especially on big kites. 

Our aim was to create a bar with a state-of-the-art maximum steering angle of over 50 degrees on each tack, without affecting the depower line. Thus, the rider is able to depower and power the kite at the same time in that steering angle. So we now have a hole that is large enough to enable deep steering angles, and small enough to not generate wrong kite feedback due to lack of precision.


B) Center Piece

Besides simplicity we focused on creating a truly ergonomic bar. 

The shape of the center piece has been designed in a way the rider perceives the position of his hands without actually peeking at the bar, just by feeling the small shoulder at the center of the bar. Additionally this design makes the center of the Prime bar stronger, and it is where the working load is the highest.


C) Endcaps
We also care deeply about the comfort and safety of our users.

To avoid accidents and damages we’ve completely removed sharp edges on the endcap. 

Thus, the design of the endcap is not only ergonomic, it also provides more control and comfort when grabbing the end of the bar for gybing or tacking.

After the design phase, we got hands-on with 
the complex production of the aluminum mold. While the mold was in the making, we calculated and simulated the forces and loads with a computer software. 

Based on thosecalculations, we determined the layup of the carbon fibers, decided on the amount of layers and the direction of the fiber layup to achieve the highest breaking load whilst still living up to the criterion on being a light-weight product.




As soon as the mold was finished, we tested the different fiber layup by fabricating a few test pieces. We also tested breaking load on a test bench and several trim systems were tested on the water in all kind of conditions and competitions for many hours by highly experienced riders.

We couldn’t be more excited and proud to announce that the Prime Bar is 100% designed, developed and manufactured in Europe by outstanding passionate athletes and engineers who contributed to a product truly living up to our values.