Simple: In 2016 when the UniqueBar was first released, it was the ultimate pioneer of the carbon kite bar market. Immediately this light-weight product caused a massive stir and created an incredible fan base. Given its popularity, we have always wanted to keep this minimalist design alive. As one of the leading and most established carbon bar manufacturers, innovation and development are at the forefront of everything we do, therefore the natural evolution of our latest product lineup comes...

In this blog post,​ we take you behind the scene of the research and development of the most luxury and highest performance carbon kite bar on the market: The Prime Bar.

No idea about best line diameter or breaking load or length of lines? In this blog post we tell you how our line sets are designed and what are the characteristics of each set.

You may have already heard about VMG when it comes to sailing or kiteracing. But what is actually VMG? In this blog post we will explain you why VMG is important in kiteboardracing and how you can calculate your own VMG speed.

Would you like to know what are the advantages of our carbon kite bar compared to a regular kitebar? Make sure you watch this review.