SK PrimeBar


The true highlight of the new PrimeBar is the CNC milled Hybrid-Insert. Using a design that is completely unique within the kiteboarding industry; we have created a replaceable insert made out of stainless steel and self-lubricating plastic. This has allowed us to finally minimise the friction and abrasion between the centre piece and the depower line. We have created a solution to a problem that has eluded kiting manufacturers for years.

The sleek and complex shape of the bar ends has been redesigned. It has reduced not only the weight of the product, but also increased the surface area for winding up the lines.



Our vision has always been to design a product built to last. The replaceable Hybrid-Insert reduces the wear of the depower line to a minimum. 

This sustainable solution will reduce the use and inevitable wastage of resources and will save precious time for the user by radically reducing the frequency of needing to replace the depower line.
In the rare case that there is any wear on the insert, it can be replaced easily within minutes. This prevents the user from having to repair or worse, replace, the entire bar from time to time. The PrimeBar is designed for kitefoilers who generally spend more time on the water training and racing than a regular free ride kiter, or someone who has an aggressive riding style or someone who simply wants to ride with a premium carbon kite bar.



With the new PrimeBar, we decided to make no compromises in order to ensure that our product is the most state-of-the-art kite bar on the race circuit. With that in mind, we used solely prepreg carbon fibre with the best mechanical properties we could find. To both reduce the weight and also increase the breaking strength, we now utilise three complex moulds for the production of this master piece.

One of the major strengths we have over our competitors is the tremendous expertise of our team riders and pro athletes who constantly push the limits of our sport. They were instrumental in the development process by evaluating the longevity of this product. Even several months before the official launch, our pro riders competed with the new PrimeBar secretly during international and national events and collected lots of bullets and a handful of podium places.