SK UniqueBar

In 2016 when the UniqueBar was first released, it was the ultimate pioneer of the carbon kite bar market. Immediately this light-weight product caused a massive stir and created an incredible fan base. Given its popularity, we have always wanted to keep this minimalist design alive. As one of the leading and most established carbon bar manufacturers, innovation and development are at the forefront of everything we do, therefore the natural evolution of our latest product lineup comes from endless product testing and refinement while maintaining the original key elements. We kept the design simple, adding our latest improvements and details taken from valuable insight from our customers.

The initial design brief for the UniqueBar was a product specifically for kitefoil racing. But once it gained popularity, a lot of freeride customers began to see the benefits of this bar for their own foil setup. Over the years, customers craved the functionality of a commercial bar but were seeking to couple this with the simplicity of the UniqueBar. It has been a challenge for us to increase functionality while maintaining clean simplicity. The new version features sealed holes with an elastic cord at the end of the bar to secure lines when they are wound up. Additionally, the length of the winders has been extended to ensure that customers with flying lines longer than 20m can secure them properly.

The most important attribute for a custom bar is that you feel 100% connected to your kite in order to access maximum performance. There is no reason to have additional friction or unnecessary bar feedback. With this in mind, the center part is now made of a high-performance compound which is self-lubricating and abrasion-resistant. This major improvement makes steering and sheeting in and out tremendously smooth and also drastically extends the lifespan of the depower line.