Which flying lines are good for me?

When you buy your own kitesurfing gear for your specific riding style you should not only focus on the kite and board. The right flying lines are very important too! They do affect significantly the control of the kite and how it accelerates, flies, relaunches or turns.

For flying lines we use several diameters from the leading Dyneema® manufacturers.

All our flying lines are hand-spliced and pre-stretched to achieve the highest standard of quality.

In the following list you can see what are the line diameters and the minimum breaking strength (1daN≈1Kg).
These recommendations should help you to select your ideal set based on your riding style.

Race: 1.3mm (380daN) / 1.0mm (230daN)

- competition race: 10-15m

- free race: 15-20m

- light wind (<15knots) foiling: 15-24m

Freeride: 1.6mm (425daN) / 1.1mm (300daN)
- moderate to strong wind (>15knots) foiling: 15-24m
- freeride twin tip/directional: 20-24m


Freestyle: 1.6mm (425daN) / 1.3mm (300daN)

- big air/freestyle: 20-24m

- wave: 18-22m

- schools: 10m or 20-24m