A world leading rope manufacturer, Robline is breaking new ground with their phenomenal kiteboarding specific lines. Robline are one of the first rope manufacturers to focus specifically on the development and optimum performance of kite lines. The latter is of paramount importance to the athletes of the ever growing kite foil racing discipline, which becomes more and more professional every year as we edge ever closer to the sport’s Olympic debut in Paris 2024. 

SK Shapes are incredibly proud to be in partnership with a brand that aligns itself well with the SK ethos, prioritizing excellence and innovation in everything they do. SK Shapes work together with Robline to provide the kiteboarding world with lines and ropes suitable for anything from your free ride kitesurfing to world class, podium performance kite foil racing. As a development partner SK is fundamentally involved in the R&D and field testing of new lines and ropes aiming to increase the performance and the durability of Robline’s premium products.

SK Shapes is proudly working alongside the incredible Austrian hydrofoil producer, Levitaz, a company that boasts more than 25 years of manufacturing experience using complex composite materials, to ultimately be in the position to provide some of the fastest kite hydrofoils on the planet.
SK is now working with Levitaz as an R&D partner, providing immediate hands-on expertise and repair and tuning as part of the international event support team.
 These guys work closely with its team riders and customers to ensure that their Levitaz foil is the fastest weapon on the race course, capable of topping the podium over and over again. SK Shapes is also involved in the development of the freeride foil range. As well as this, SK is able to offer expert consultation and advice on the extensive Levitaz product range.

Fundamentally loyal to their commitment to quality research and production, Flysurfer is the ultimate brand when it comes to high quality RAM-Air kites. The precision and devotion to every last detail across the range, from their multiple championship winning VMG race kite down to the PEAK, a minimalist and outstanding light single-skin kite, is unquestionably in keeping with the SK philosophy, which is why SK is so stoked to be in partnership with this company.
SK Shapes works together with Flysurfer to support its riders at competitions across the globe, as well as offering expert knowledge and advice on behalf of the brand.

A brand close to the heart of SK Shapes, Riftboards was founded in 2015 by the very talented Swiss craftsmen Simon Basler. Through his own intimate research and development, that has its founder testing and pushing his own products to the limit, Riftboards took off, producing the strongest, most beautifully crafted boards, some to be used on the kite foil race circuit, others even on snow. Riftboards well and truly has the foil board market covered, producing exceptional products for both top end racers and free ride foilers, which couples perfectly with the SK Shapes range. Once again, quality and precision is paramount for Riftboards, and when it comes to development and communication with SK as a primary partner, those conversations are based entirely in creating hand crafted, Swiss quality.